IP Flow Monitor.This is a console utility which will listen on an interface using libpcap, aggregate the traffic into flows and display the top (as many as can fit on your screen) flows with their average throughput. A flow is identified ip protocol, source ip, source port, destination ip, destination port, and type of service flag.

Install potion in ubuntu

sudo apt-get install potion

This will complete the installation

potion Usage

potion [options] interface [expression]


potion -a eth0 1

By tony

自由軟體愛好者~喜歡不斷的思考各種問題,有新的事物都會想去學習嘗試 做實驗並熱衷研究 沒有所謂頂天的技術 只有謙虛及不斷的學習 精進專業,本站主要以分享系統及網路相關知識、資源而建立。 Github http://stnet253.github.io

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